3 Tips To Keep Paint From Harming The Environment


What does all paint have in common?

If you said toxins, then you’d be 100 percent correct. Toxins are harmful substances that reek havoc on our green planet. Paint that has been left out and spilled goes into our soil and causes harm to plants and animals. Another way this toxic paint gets into the soil is when the sun beats down on it and makes it crack and peel. These fragments then make their way to the landfill.

So what’s a person to do to keep paint on the walls and out of the soil? They should take steps to make sure that paint is properly used, applied, and stored to insure quality of life for all.

Here’s 3 tips to keep paint from harming the environment.

First, paint contains volatile organic compounds (VOC). These guys are nasty and can lead to things like cancer, respiratory problems, and tons of other nasty health problems. That’s why many countries implement environmental compliance laws to reduce VOC. That’s where these tips come in handy.

Tip 1. Your best friend when it comes to painting is the spill kit. Spill kits are exactly what they sound like. You position them around the paint site and if a spill occurs they are there to help make cleanup a breeze. Well, at least make it easier to deal with. In fact, the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) recommends them. But, sometimes a spill kit isn’t enough. That’s why its good to have the ACT Fire and Rescue Communication help with large spills.

Tip 2. Be smart about cleanup. What do I mean? Well, for starters the smart way to clean up is to prevent paint from hardening on your brush if you’re not done with the paint job. You can cover them in plastic bags and put them in the fridge over night. If you are done with your paint job, then make sure to remove the excess paint from the brushes and rollers, clean them, and then hang them up to dry

Tip 3. Disposing of paint has a right way and a wrong way. Do not wash your paint brushes off in the gutter. Do always use a hazardous was contractor to dispose of large amounts of paint. If your not sure, contact a painters Pittsburgh company or read the label.

Things seem to be slowly improving when it comes to paint and the environment. For example, new innovations in paint such as Ductile and BSI have improved the durability, flexibility, and recyclability of paint. Also, new tech in painting improves process, reduces waste, and improves spray efficiency.

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